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Company Details

Sunrider is privately owned multi-level marketing company headquartered in Torrance, California. Sunrider manufactures products related to health, beauty, food and household needs. These products are manufactured at four different manufacturing plants that include:

  • Southern California
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Taiwan


Sunrider does business in 42 countries and has corporate offices throughout America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. The company has a global revenue of $700 million.


Sunrider was founded in 1982 by Dr. Tei-Fu Chen. With the support of her wife(Dr. Oi-Lin Chen), Dr. Tei-Fu Chen founded Sunrider as he believed that traditional ways of making money won’t give good results in the longer run.The mission of the company is to make a franchise-like opportunity available to everyone without investing huge money. The company has now grown rapidly since then, making its global presence felt in over 42 countries.

The company manufactures over 415 award winning products for health, beauty and household needs. The product categories include:

  • Sunrider Herbal Foods and Beverages
  • Skin Care Products – Kandesn and Oi-Lin
  • Vitalite Weight Management and Active Lifestyle Formulas
  • Color Cosmetics Products
  • SunSmile and SunBright Household Products
  • Sunrider Herbal Concentrates


Sunrider provides 3 ways to join its network that include:

    • Retail Customer where you are entitled to pay retail price
    • Preferred Customer
      • Yearly enrollment fee is $30
      • Monthly autoship fetches 10 percent off in retail price
    • Independent Business Owner
      • Purchase starter pack which costs $120
      • Renew annual membership by paying $120
  • The preferred customer program (annual fee of $30 can be paid by the customer) allows free promotional items and other benefits throughout the entire year.
  • The various bonus components like Retail Sales bonus,fast start bonus,star elite advancement bonus and unilevel bonus can be earned.
  • Fast Start bonus can be maximized when you help IBOs reach Star Elite status in first three full months. 25% can be earned on Retail Sales Bonus as well.

Some of the interesting points about Sunrider are:

  • Sunrider International is known for helping people around the world achieve better life and financial freedom
  • The company also contributes in diverse philanthropic efforts when required
  • Herbal foods manufactured are made of traditional herbs and extracts and are safe to consume
  • Sunrider’s Herbal Tea is prepared from unique herbal extracts which is unique in today’s world
  • The company has won many awards over the years like BrandLaureate Award in 2010 and 2011, the HuaZun Awards in 2010
  • If you talk about quality herbal products, Sunrider is the worldwide leader of it



  • The different compensation plan allows you to choose the suitable one matching your requirements and skillset
  • People who are looking to join as a member are not required to pay a single penny as there is no joining fees
  • The company has been growing rapidly from the time it started its operations(34 years of rich history)
  • The company works on improving the welfare of the society

About Company

Company Type: Multi-level marketing

Company Size: 201-500

Company Founded: 1982

Company Founders: Tei-Fu Chen, Oi-Lin Chen

Company Headquarter: Torrance, California, United States

Company Turnover: $$700 million

Company Website:

Company Services: Cosmetics, Health products, Skincare products

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