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Company Details

doTERRA- is a Latin derivative that stands for – “Gift of the Earth”.

David Stirling with a group of health-care and business professionals from Young Living founded the company in the year 2008.DoTerra

Wellness Advocates

doTERRA is a multi-level marketing company, which deals in essential oils and home products refers its independent sales people and distributors as “Wellness Advocates”.

When you are choosing doTERRA, you are choosing pure gently and carefully extracted oil from plants. You can also advice your friends and family to opt for the same.

One major advantage to join doTERRA is you can be its whole seller and start off by receiving 25% discount on the products.

doTERRA oil are revolutionizing the way families now-a day’s looking forward for their health.

doTERRA deals in more than 150 essential oils and other products such as personal care, supplements, weight management, Kits and Collection and Accessories.

It is leading the world in terms of providing, testing, manufacturing and distribution of essential oils along with other personal care products.

doTERRA also has a non-profit charity called healing hands and is funded by doTERRA members, employees and executives. From farmer to customers, doTERRA makes sure that every single drop of oil is safe and pure.

doTERRA is young, fun, energetic and lively company to work in with a passion and focus on good health and wellness.

doTERRA have immense opportunities given that essential oils are still new to most of the world and the potential is huge.

With great line of products and a membership of only $35 you can be a Wellness Advocate or Wholesale customer. Both types give you good chances of starting your own business and earn at home.

Besides this you get reward points, free products and discount up to 25%.

doTERRA with no doubt have an immense proven potential of making money.

  • Till 2015, doTERRA has a total employee of 1850, out of which 1600 works at Utah, headquarters and 100 works at offices in Taiwan, Japan, Australia and European countries.
  • By Forbes, doTERRA has been ranked 10th as “America’s Best Employer”.
  • You can be its member in just $35 and earn free doTERRA products through Loyalty Rewards Programs offered to you.
  • As of June 2016, doTERRA has over 3 million members.
  • doTERRA shipping its products to over 100 countries and have offices in 17 countries.
  • The key aspect to join doTERRA is it is family focused and pro-woman.
  • It’s a young company with huge potential in worldwide market.
  • Essential oils are still a new concept.
  • It is 100% committed to purity.
  • doTERRA have 68% retention rate that huge as compare to average 10% retention rate in direct selling business, this means your doTERRA customers have 68% chance they will come back to you again.

About Company

Company Type: Multi-Level Marketing

Company Size: 1850

Company Founded: 2008

Company Founders: Emily Wright, Robert J. Young, Mar A. Wolfert, Gregory P. Cook, Corey B. Limdley

Company Headquarter: Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States

Company Turnover: US$325 million (2015)

Company Website:

Company Services: Essential Oils, Home Products

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