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Freelife International

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Company Details

FreeLife International is an MLM company which is a leading provider of nutritional products with a vision to become the worldwide leader in healthy weight loss and wellness. The company operates in Bermuda, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Macau, Philippines, Singapore, Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and the United States. It has its Headquarters in United States, Phoenix and Arizona. The tagline of the Company bespeaks its vision and mission –Live it!



This company is the brainchild of Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournier. It was incepted in the year 1995 and, like every great work the establishment of this one too is associated with a story. Ray Faltinsky’s mother had been suffering from crippling osteoporosis. When he was 15 years old, he witnessed his mum, recovering from the case with the help of nutritional supplements. That was the time when the seed of the advent of a nutritional based enterprise was sown in his mind. He later blended this passion with his interest in direct selling for the fabrication of the company.

Both Ray and Kevin were supported by friends and family in the establishment of this venture.

The products taste delicious and are immensely effective. Here is a list:-

  1. Gochi- it will be sinful to talk about FreeLife and keep this product waiting. The Himalayan Goji juice has been improved upon to make this product. It promotes health and aids in balancing the energy of the body.
  2. Jule of the Orient– it has been attributed as the greatest treasure trove of Nature filled in bottled. It is the ace provider of phytonutrients, antioxidants and adaptogens.
  3. TAIslim Liquid- it suffices the appetite and energy. It has been used as the most amazing weight loss supplement.

With FreeLife International you will be able to enjoy a plethora of benefits.

  1. Product rebate- You will be able to earn a 10-20% of the product rebate on the total personal points and customer points which exceed 100 points in a month.
  2. Fast Start Bonus-Whether you are a new or an existing qualified Marketing Executive, with the Fast Start Bonus you will be eligible for long term income which will start immediately.
  3. Quick Start Bonus- With the Quick start packs, you will be in the position to get $600, $800 and $1000 monthly Lux Car club bonus. Along with it you will be able to avail a $75 Star Director Guarantee.
  4. Transformational Weekly bonus pays you when you are able to enroll 2 or more new AC100 Marketing Executives.
  5. There is also the 9-level organization commission, which you can qualify for.
  6. There is the benefitting star director advancement bonus as well when the marketing executives advance to Star Director II or Star Director III.
  7. For all the Star Director there is available a monthly guarantee of $75.
  8. Another luxurious reward is availing the membership of the exclusive Lux Car Club.
  9. Matching bonus opens new avenues for growth and income.
  • With the aid of the Science Team and Scientific Advisory Board, researches on cutting edge products have been possible.
  • These products have a strong scientific foundation which governs their content.
  • It has crossed the mark of $1 billion in total sales.
  • FreeLife is the first Company to pursue the extraction process of the most powerful anti-aging food, Goji berry.
  • The Inc. Magazine has ranked this MLM Company as one of the fastest growing privately-held Companies in America.
  • You will be able to become a part of a well known brand with FreeLife International.
  • There are held events and meetings throughout the year which enables improvement and blending.
  • Become your own boss and more independent.
  • Earn multiple benefits.

About Company

Company Type: Multi-level marketing

Company Size: 220

Company Founded: 1995

Company Founders: Ray Faltinsky and Kevin Fournie

Company Headquarter: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Company Website:

Company Services: Health products, Wellness

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