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Company Details

Amway an abbreviation of “American way” started its journey when direct sales was a new name in American market.

A perfect example of successful multi level marketing business Amway’s strings are attached to Nutrilite, a company older than Amway though bought and controlled by Amway since 1949.






Jan Van AnDel and Rich DeVos founded The American Way Association in April 1959 with their top distributors of Nutrilite Products. These business partners had a rich history of entrepreneurship, working together since school days.

The American Way Association represent the distributors and soon they looking for additional products to market. They bought their first product an organic cleaner called Frisk which they marketed with changed name called LOC (Liquid Organic Cleaner).
Since then they formed Amway Sales Corporation, Amway Manufacturing Corporation and Amway Services Corporation and subsequently merged all these entities into single company called Amway Corporation.

Amway a US$9.5 billion company started its direct sales market with Nutrilite Supplement products currently have a wide range of products manufacturing and selling via multi level marketing as well as direct sales.

Amway products includes home care, personal care, jewelry, electronics, dietary supplements, cosmetics, water and air purifiers.
Nutrilite acquired in 1994 by Amway is currently Amway’s largest selling brand in health supplements.

Following are some of the Amway Brands:
Artistry, Atmosphere, Bodykey, SA8, LOC, Nutrilite, eSpring, XS, Legacy of Clean, Satinique

Amway with no doubt have an immense proven potential of making money.

The Harvard Business School describe Amway as “one of the most profitable direct selling companies in the world”.

Amway is a combination of direct selling and multi level marketing. You can join Amway as IBO (Independent Business Owners), sell Amway products directly to your customers as well as gain performance bonus on sales done by you and the sales generated by IBOs under your downline.

  • Ranked as No. 1 in multi level marketing.
  • In 2015 Forbes Ranked No. 29 among the largest private companies in US.
  • Operates in more than 100 countries with different affiliate companies.
  • In December 2005 when China introduced new direct selling laws Amway was one of the first companies to receive license to resume work.
  • Although Amway have a long list of controversies and issues in different countries but it still remains a pioneer in direct selling business
  • The most important reason to Join Amway’s as Independent Business Owner (IBO) should be its brand name. Yes right the brand name which remains with you worldwide, everyone know it everyone using it in one on another way. You have a wide range of proven and useful products that you can include in your business.
  • Join Amway if you think you are a good sales person. Amway products are good but they are not good enough to speak themselves. So if you can talk about your business and products to others you can make profit out of Amway business.
  • You can sell Amway products online and make commission. That can be good part time business.
  • Amway is operating in more than 100 countries, there are over 3 million IBO’s worldwide, you can easily assume 9 out of 10 person already know about it. Hence its easy for you to step into Amway business.
  • You may come across many talking against about Amway but look at stats :
    • Amway is 50 years old company, might be older than you and it remains here after you.
    • Amway is #1 in direct selling business because people using and making profit out of it.
    • Forbes #29 largest private corporation, Its not a joke to be on Forbes list.
    • $9.5 billion Revenue because people have trust on its products just like any other brand.

About Company

Company Type: multi level marketing

Company Size: 21,000

Company Founded: November 9, 1959

Company Founders: Rich DeVos, Jay Van Andel

Company Headquarter: Ada, Michigan, United States

Company Turnover: US$ 9.5 billion (2015)

Company Website:

Company Services: Beauty Products, Health products, Skincare products

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