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Company Details

Javita International Limited is a company which influences millions of lives by offering a great combination of coffee and direct selling. In other words, it is a premier healthy coffee and beverage company, located in Florida, that not only provide you great-tasting coffee but also amazing opportunities to make money. The company is doing great business in more than 30 countries on the global level. It also has offices and stores in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Javita is made from the combination of two words – Java and Vita where the former means coffee and the latter is a latin word for life. Javita as a brand adds much-needed coffee value to your life.


Javita International Limited was started by a group of successful business people who had great admiration for coffee and believed that direct selling could take this venture to a high level of growth. The motive of this venture was to become the premier coffee company in the direct selling industry. The individuals from different backgrounds collaborated to produce great consumer reach

The company provides premium range of products that include:

  • ActiveBlendz Products that promotes active lifestyle
  • Burn and Control that ensure active metabolism
  • Energy and Mind that provides your body with much needed boost
  • FocusFusion Cocoa that comes with unique chocolate flavours
  • Herbal Cleanse Tea managing cleansing activities for body
  • Lean and Green that manages weight loss

Javita International Limited provides business opportunity once you become a registered member. The members associated with the venture:

  1. Earn free products on monthly basis
  2. Earn weekly and monthly income by building team of Javita members

The profits related to Direct Sales gives you immediate income of 30 percent on the sale of each item. The direct sales profits are also included in commission on a monthly basis.The profit of direct sales has a direct impact on the customer sales on the website.

The personal customer commissions can vary depending on the customer volume.

Customer Volume Commissions
301-500 10%
501-1000 15%
1001+ 20%

The bonus applicable on the first order accounts for immediate weekly income for a member.

Top enroller bonus of $2000 is paid on monthly basis to top performances.

The Team Development Infinity (TDI) bonus up to $100 can be earned on every business pack sold

Some of the interesting points about Javita are:

  • Caters to unique coffee industry as coffee is the most popular beverage with large scale consumption of two billion cups daily all around the world
  • During the first quarter of 2015, Javita had its largest sales month ever
  • The products offered are 100 percent natural and are combined with herbs and other beneficial ingredients
  • The business opportunity is based on an easily duplicated business model



The company has made progressive growth over the last couple of years. The members associated by sharing products can earn great incentives which in turn allows you to make quick money by means of networking and sharp marketing skills.

People who are looking to earn money in quick time can join the company and make good money while contributing to the success of the company as it is growing rapidly and its growth will only get better.

About Company

Company Type: Multi-level marketing

Company Founded: 2004

Company Founders: Stanley J. Cherelstein

Company Headquarter: FL, USA

Company Website:

Company Services: Health products

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