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Company Details

MonaVie bursted onto the scene back in 2005, from South Jordan’s Utah, and firmed its position in the wellness and health industry as multi-level company.

MonaVie paved way for rewarding opportunities and sound health being the spearhead in manufacturer and distributor of nutritional products : an offspring of blended fruit juice concentrates, and purees.

Monavie is a proprietary product of 19 super nutritious dense fruits and is the most effective form of acai berry.




Dallin Larsen, the senior executive in hot shot MLM companies – USANA and Dynamic Essentials, laid the foundation of Monarch Health Sciences back in the year 2003 as distributor of weight loss and diet supplements.

Launching MonaVie juice in the year of 2005, Monarch Health Sciences paved way to MonaVie Inc/MonaVie LLC in the same year with much pride and élan. Thereafter, MonaVie took charge over the process of bottling, distributorship and marketing of its juice products.

MonaVie trades on a wide variety of carbonated energy drinks, dieting products and blended fruit juices. Be it an efficient antioxidant supporting your immune health, joints or heart, MonaVie’s products gift your body with the right amount of nutrition it deserves.

MonaVie’s products is a blend of rich antioxidants like acai and maqui, besides  being loaded with phytonutrients, vitamins, Wellmune, plant sterols and antioxidants.



MonaVie allows you to bag the advantage of the company’s compensation plan, while becoming the individual MonaVie distributor.

  • MonaVie owns and steers the charity organization of MORE project
  • Monavie was named as the fastest growing company of Utah by the Mountain West Capital Network
  • MonaVie even bagged the No-1 position from Utah Business Magazine in Fast 50 editions.
  • MonaVie’s CEO was honored as the CEO of the year by the Business Magazine of Utah.
  • An approximate four ounces of MonaVie juice would help your body with all the necessary antioxidants and phytonutrients.
  • MonaVie Juices are made to assist you in combating the annoying ageing process, the radical damage besides beefing up your overall health.
  • MonaVie’s few noteworthy blends aid you with bone flexibility, mobility amelioration followed by cell rejuvenation and aggravating the immune system of the body.

MonaVie is preferred for its dynamic and an unique compensation plan, which it offers in the direct selling industry.

It dole out innumerable ways of earning: Bulk order bonus, first order bonus, star maker bonus, top retailers bonus,  team bonus, growth bonus to name a few.

About Company

Company Type: Multi-Level Company

Company Size: 450 (from 2009)

Company Founded: 2005

Company Founders: Chairman- Dallin Larsen, Vice Chairman- Henry Marsh, CEO- Mauricio Bellora

Company Headquarter: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America

Company Turnover: $475 million (2011)

Company Website:

Company Services: Health products

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