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Company Details

Xango was a privately owned multi-level marketing company; it has recently (May, 2017) been acquired by Zija International, a health and wellness company based in Utah, USA.

The company, Xango sells nutritional supplements, mangosteen juice, and skincare products while carrying out sales operations in 43 countries with more than two million distributors all around the world. The company has a cumulative revenue close to $2 billion.



Xango was founded in 2002 by Joe Morton, Aaron Garrity and Gordon Morton. The founder Joe Morton decided to utilize the rich nutrition value of Mangosteen fruit found in Africa, South America, and Southeast Asia. Joe Morton along with the help of Gordon Morton (his brother) and Aaron Garrity decided to sell the bottled juice using the unique concept of direct sales.

The popular product names include:

  1. Original Xango juice
  2. Xango Reserve
  3. Xalo – Dietary Supplements
  4. Juni line – Shampoo and Conditioner
  5. Vegan hand and body bar
  6. Glimpse – Cosmetics and essential oils

xango products

Xango provides business opportunities by means of fixed compensation plan by breaking into four components for distributors:

  • Weekly Pay-out
  • Monthly Pay-out
  • Lifestyle Bonuses
  • Bonus pools

Commission rates varies based on the product. Distributors are part of Automatic Delivery Program where they receive monthly orders of discounted products that they sell at retail. There is a fixed fee of $35 if you wish to sign up as a distributor and you are required to pay up front for the products. You can also make commissions by signing up someone else as a distributor. It is all about recruiting new people to increase your network and that is how you grow personally as well as professionally. Average commission rates is about 34% across all products.

Some of the interesting points about Xango are:

  • Xango is actively involved in Corporate Social responsibilities
  • Xango donates percentage of net corporate profits to charitable children foundations all around the globe
  • The product line is unique and focusses on a larger market
  • The juice products offered do not affect health and is backed by science.


  • The compensation plan is designed in such a way that it becomes easy to earn big time associated with its network
  • The company has been growing rapidly from the time it started its operations(since 2002)
  • The company works on improving the welfare of the society
  • Best suited for those who wants to earn extra money by being his/her own boss
  • Association with an international brand

About Company

Company Type: Multi-level Marketing

Company Size: 201-500

Company Founded: 2002

Company Founders: Aaron Garrity, Gary Hollister, Gordon Morton, Joe Morton, Bryan Davis, Kent Wood

Company Headquarter: Lehi, Utah, United States

Company Turnover: $2 Billion

Company Services: Cosmetics, Essential Oils, Personal Care

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