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Company Details

With 68 years of great business history, Tupperware is a well recognised  global name for home line products that are used for food preparation, storage, cooking and serving.

The company develops, manufactures and distributes its product worldwidely via more than 1.9 direct salespersons.

Indonesia was the top Tupperware marketplace in 2013 with sales of more than $200 million via 250,000 sales executives.




Earl Silas Tupper was the founder of Tupperware. Though the first Tupperware ‘the bell shaped conductor’ product was developed in year 1946, but the products were actually introduced to the public in year 1948.

Tupperware has different products for kitchen and home including food preparation, storage, containment and serve. The company also produce beauty products.


Tupperware provides  Do-It-Yourself business opportunities through its systematic training. Till date, the company has empowered millions of women all around the world to achieve their life goals. You can join the Tupperware Parties helping you to take the entrepreneur inside you to its peak.

  • Tupperware gives lifetime warranty
  • Tupperware has more than 2.5 million sellers all across the world
  • Tupperware is a part of Tupperware Brands Corporation that , including Tupperware, has eight brands
  • The first product from Tupperware “Wonderlier Bowl” introduced the  world with “burp seal”
  • Tupperware has been mentioned as 20th century greatest invention in Guinness Book of World Records

If earn-from-home is the profile you are looking from then joining Tupperware can give you ideal outcomes. Join the Tupperware Party to have a long lasting carrier, where you can be only your only boss with flexible office timing. Moreover, joining the company as a consultant gets you upto 35% commision and earn exclusive rewards (cash, trips, products and awards).

About Company

Company Type: Single-Level and Multi-Level

Company Size: 13,500

Company Founded: 1946

Company Founders: Earl Tupper

Company Headquarter: Orlando, Florida, United States

Company Turnover: US$2,300.4 million (2010)

Company Website:

Company Services: Kitchenware

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