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Company Details

Shaklee Corporation is a multi-national organisation headquartered in Pleasanton, California, USA. And operating globally in seven countries including the headquarters, the other countries are Indonesia, china, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia & Mexico.

Shaklee Corporation began its journey to achieve the goal of creating healthier lives by manufacturing health & nutritional, multivitamin, weight loss management & anti-aging products.


Shaklee corporation vision is to provide the necessary & cognitive vitamins, nutrients, multi-vitamins, etc. for the wellbeing of human beings to stay healthy physically as well as mentally.


Dr. Forest C. Shaklee founded Shaklee Corporation with his two sons in the year 1956. Initially he began with firm known as “Shaklee’s Vitalised Minerals” in the year 1915. Later on Shaklee Corporation proved to be successful with the hard work & integrity of all the persons who contributed for running the corporation spontaneously through their marketing & distribution strategies & making it a prosperous firm. Ranking from director to the presidential master coordinator, Shaklee Corporation’s worldwide distribution of products is executed and coordinated by eleven designated professionals, occupying an important position in the corporation.

According to the founder, Dr. Forest C. Shaklee “follow the laws of nature & you will never go wrong”.

Shaklee Corporation came into existence with the intention to provide the health enrichment to all the human beings that can be gained by the nature and its elements.

Shaklee Corporation manufactures varied range of products in different categories ranging from healthy nutrition, healthy solutions, weight loss management products, and healthy beauty & healthy home also known to be personal care products are manufactured.

A total number of forty-four products have been listed in the categories mentioned above.

Carrier opportunities for the business merchants who are stepping forward to become a distributor, “small steps lead to big results” that’s the Shaklee effect.

Shaklee Corporation compensation plan is a very unique model which is also named as dream plan & it consist of nine parameters starting from Gold Bonuses, Power Bonuses, Price Differential, Personal Group Bonuses, Fastrack Bonuses, Incentives, Car Bonuses, and Leadership Bonuses & Infinity Bonuses.

Beginning with Gold Bonuses gives the distributor immediate money paid weekly. Gold Ambassador sponsored by the particular distributor with one of the Gold PAK’s where PAK stands for product action kit & Gold Ambassador is the fresh joining distributor.

Two plan can be initiated for beginner’s. one is the Gold Plus PAK of $599 for which the incentive is $100 & other is the Gold PAK of $ 299 for which the incentive is $50.

So beginning with the Gold Bonuses till the Infinity bonuses, a small scale distributor can become a large scale one.

And also apart from financial success the company is providing others benefits like international trips, branded & expensive gifts like cars & rewarding points which can be utilised to redeem your bonus.

In the year 1993, Shaklee Corporation provided NASA, USA a customised version of its rehydrated beverage, which was used by shuttle astronauts.

In the international space station on the space shuttle endeavour in 2011 NASA Commander Mark Kelly & Captain Scott Kelly used Shaklee Vitalizer & nutritional supplements during the year of their stay on space station.

Apart from distributor business as mention in the opportunities section, some other benefits of joining Shaklee corporation are

  • discount for Shaklee products from 15-25%,
  • no renewal fees, no minimum purchase, and
  • the most important unconditional 100% money back guarantee.

About Company

Company Type: Multi-level marketing

Company Size: 501-1000

Company Founded: 1956

Company Founders: Forrest C. Shaklee

Company Headquarter: Pleasanton, California, United States

Company Turnover: $148.7 million ( 2007 )

Company Services: Beauty Products, Health products, Personal Care

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