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Company Details

Neways is multi-level marketing company headquartered in Springville, Utah. It manufactures and distributes products related to personal care, nutrition supplements, and household. The company has a worldwide presence in more than 29 countries with hundreds of thousands of independent distributors.




Neways was founded in 1987 by Thomas and Leslie Mower. The founders discovered that many personal-care products contain harmful ingredients; that is when the founders of Neways decided to launch their exclusive range of products, usage of which does not result in any harmful effects. The company saw a steady growth from 1987 and in 1997 exclusive liquid mineral supplement named as Maximol Solutions became Neways number one product choice. In 2006, Neways was acquired by new owners and that is when a new was started at Neways.

Neways’ different range of products helps in improving the health and beauty while minimizing the use of harmful ingredients. The list of popular products sold include:

  • Maximol Solutions that provides convenient food supplements
  • Maximol Classic
  • NewVera i.e. Refreshed aloe vera drink
  • Duri-Fusion
  • Hawaiian Noni
  • Orachel
  • Omega 3 EPA
  • Revenol
  • Life Enhancer
  • Fitchoice Shake
  • Foundation and Makeup Primer
  • Cleanser
  • Hydracial Anti-Ageing
  • Refresh Bath and Shower Gel
  • Sunbrero
  • Eliminator Mouthwash

neways products

Neways compensation plan allows individuals to earn big by gaining commissions and bonus related components:

  • Retail Commissions usually ranges between 10% to 20% depending on the number of orders sold in a particular month
  • Fast Start Bonus of $50 is offered when distributor sponsors new individual into the business. This bonus can also be provided once particular sales figure is reached in the first month.
  • Team Commissions of 10% can be earned on first four levels
  • Car and Home Bonus
  • Executive Leadership Bonuses

Some of the interesting points about Neways are:

  • The different products offered by Neways are safe and effective in use i.e. right mix of science and nature
  • Neways mission is to improve health and welfare of individuals throughout the world
  • The company have corporate offices in different locations like North America, Australia, Europe, Mexico,New Zealand etc. which means global presence
  • The company provides good support to its distributors if they are performing well
  • The monetary benefits and compensation plan accounts for quick money in a short duration of time.
  • People who are sharp in their networking skills and are looking for home based business can be a part of this venture
  • The company pays out lucrative bonus components.
  • The company has started operations 25 years ago and have been making profits since then.
  • The company works on improving the welfare of mankind which is unique.

About Company

Company Type: Multi-level marketing

Company Founded: 1992

Company Founders: Leslie D. Mower, Thomas Mower

Company Headquarter: Springville, Utah, USA

Company Website:

Company Services: Beauty Products, Health products, Personal Care

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