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How To Become A LegalShield Associate?

Information about home businessesLegalShieldHow To Become A LegalShield Associate?

How To Become A LegalShield Associate?

LegalShield is a network marketing company from Oklahoma that provides affordable legal solutions to its members.

LegalShield maintains a network of legal professionals who deliver accessible services.

However, the company leaves its doors open for any member who wants to become an associate and start earning a commission by roping in new members.

LegalShield aims to cultivate a community of lawyers who can provide local assistance to neighbourhoods across the US and Canada. Their expert counsel stretches over an array of civil lawsuits.

Being an associate with LegalShield could be the stepping stone to having your homegrown business and earning on your terms.

The procedure is as simple as LegalShield wants legal aid to become –

Step I

You start by joining as a LegalShield member. Membership options are customized to suit your needs as an individual or enterprise.

Personal plans are about $17.96 per month, and small business plans are $39 a month. You upgrade to coverage schemes for your entire family for added expenses.

Step II

Once you are a member, you sign up as an Associate for a joining fee of $99. As a solo associate, you hold the license to sell legal benefits and plans to other members, thereby, expanding the LegalShield network.

The more prospective clients you close, the better you are compensated from direct sales.

Step III

With growing success as an associate, you can now move on to building your team. You start getting other members to become associates under you.

An increasing number of associates benefit the company network, and you improve your financial status subsequently.

Step IV

Now that you have a fully functioning team, you get an additional override for each sale your team members complete.

The success of your team will correspond to your rise through the company ranks.

Other benefits and raised pay grade is open once you reach the top position as ‘Executive Director.’

LegalShield could be your doorway to financial independence.

It offers a flexible sale structure, and you decide the hours and terms on which you wish to work.

LegalShield is the answer to full pre-paid legal services and the key to unbounded success.

LegalShield CEO Accepted to Forbes Technology Council