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Stream Energy

Company Details

Stream or Stream Energy is a privately held business, which offers its majority of services for – Energy, Wireless, Protective and Home in the United States.

The company is a multi-level marketing company and follows the simple yet innovative idea of “selling energy by word of mouth”.

Following the idea, the company has paid million of dollars to people just for the word-of-mouth promotion.

With $918M revenue for year 2014, Stream has become one of the top direct selling company in the shortest span of time.


Stream was started in the year 2005 with headquarter in the Informat building of Dallas.

Stream Energy

Stream offers Energy services, Wireless services, Protective services and Home services.

You can shop Electricity and Natural Gas, Wireless plans, Protect your identity and more relevant services.

Joining Stream can help you to earn a fix second monthly income.

“No products, no inventory, no headaches. Just a streamlined way to earn extra income every month!”  (as mentioned on the official website)

Stream gives you streamlined opportunity to become successful and to keep your finances strong. You can become an Associate with Stream and earn extra money every month.

Using this opportunity, you can also start your own business. To know more check

The reason to join a multi-level marketing company is simple i.e.

  • to earn extra money (which can be limitless)
  • get linked with an international brand
  • enjoy the power of success
  • to become a leader

Being an Associate, every time you sells any Stream service and gets a new customer to the company, you get rewards. And the reward could be:

  • Free Everything Program
  • Mercedes Benz Car Program
  • World-Class Motivational Events

About Company

Company Type: Multi-Level

Company Size: 245

Company Founded: 2004

Company Founders: Larry Mondry

Company Headquarter: Dallas, Texas, United States

Company Turnover: US$866 Million (2015)

Company Website:

Company Services: Energy

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