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Company Details

Morinda is a health and wellness multi-level marketing company. The company headquarters are located in Utah and also has different offices all around the world. The global revenue generated of Morinda is close to $450 million annually. Morinda has 700 employees all around the world with 350 in the United States only. The company has factories in China, Germany, Japan, Tahiti and the USA. Overall, the company has been in the marketplace for more than 15 years and has a strong history as it revolves around consumer based product.



The company was started in 1993 when vast health benefits of Noni Fruit was discovered by Morinda’ s original food scientists. The journey which was started in 1993 has successfully completed 20 years of its progressive growth in 2016 and is still going strong.

In 1996, Morinda introduced Tahitian Noni Juice that marked the presence of multi-million dollar industry in health supplement industry.

The company provides wide range of products that include:

  • Tahitian Noni consisting of consumable and topical products
  • Truage that ensure that you live and look younger
  • Hiro that deliver superior energy and strength
  • Temana that comes with brightening system
  • Morinda Wellness
  • Whole Food Blends
  • Essential Oils and Accessories
  • Anti-Aging Body Care
  • Body Care Products
  • Supplements

Morinda provides opportunities to people looking to start their own business or venture. To become an independent distributor you need starter kit.The cost of the starter kit is kept low at $35 so that it can be affordable for large number of interested people. It means you earn membership in compensation plan as the starter kit provides you with the flexibility to explore further benefits and perks.You can also earn money through personal rebate system combined together with bonuses. The bonus amount is higher if the products sold are more. For example, if you sell more than 20 Truage packs in a month, the bonus you receive is $42 per pack that is sold.

Morinda so far has paid close to $4 billion in commissions which is a huge amount.

Morinda’s compensation plan has the following elements:

  1. Full 53 percent is paid without any breakage
  2. Commissions are paid out to every qualified distributor
  3. Global bonus which is based on company’s global revenue
  4. Other incentives like fast start bonus, personal rebate, infinity bonus etc.

Some of the interesting points about Morinda are:

  • Morinda employs team of doctors, scientists and researches on its Scientific advisory board
  • Company has spent more than $125 million on its product development and research which is unique
  • Morinda also gives back to islands of Tahiti and its people with its Do Something Good Initiative
  • Company provides support services for its independent distributors


  • The company has been a world leader when it comes to wellness industry.
  • The company’s compensation plan allows you to make big money
  • The global presence and growing sales figures gives a clear indication that the company is growing at a rapid pace.
  • For sustainable growth, company need individuals that are willing to work hard with sharp marketing skills. Your efforts are rewarded instantly as various incentives and bonus components are linked with the work performance and dedicated efforts put in.
  • The company is doing its bit to contribute to the economy along with the business growth

About Company

Company Type: Multi-level Marketing

Company Size: 700

Company Founded: 1996

Company Founders: Kerry O. Asay, John Wadsworth, Kelly Olsen, Kim Asay, Stephen Story

Company Headquarter: Provo, Utah, United States

Company Turnover: $500 Million

Company Services: Essential Oils, Food and Beverage, Health products, Personal Care, Wellness

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