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Pure Romance

Company Details

Pure Romance made its way to the world in 1993. For Pure Romance, success has never been measured in sales. Their doings have been a bigger testimony to their credentials. Their mission is to empower women and gives them a safe environment to learn about sexual health.

They also help them to provide permission to know their bodies, strengthen the romantic relationship and have an open communication with various healthcare providers. Their experience is varied and vivid so that they have ended up becoming a movement to enhance the lives of every woman.



Patty Brisben, the chairwoman and founder of Pure Romance made a humble beginning of Pure Romance in 1990s in the basement of her suburban Ohio home. She used the latest elements in sexual health education, must-have beauty products and hottest bedroom accessories. Patty educated and entertained women in every possible way.

She helped them fulfill their desires while offering them the chance to grow and own their own business. Now, years later, they are still following the same path and doing on a much larger scale. Now Patty is joined by her son, Chris Cicchinelli as  CEO and President  in all her endeavors. Now, the company has been transformed into a $150 million company. It also has consultants in USA, South Africa, Canada, South Africa among others.

Pure Romance offers a variety of products connected with sex education and health. It includes bath and massage products, lube and creams, sex toys, lingerie, and sex health collections among others.

It also provides gift cards and collection of these items that make the life of women beautiful and pleasurable.

Pure Romance

Pure Romance allows you to bag the advantage of company’s compensation plan by becoming the Pure Romance consultant. You will share the best of bath, beauty and relationship enhancement programmes through in-home parties.

When you sell the products and build a team, you will enjoy the unlimited earning potential and flexibility of becoming a boss.

From your first in-home party you can earn up to 50% discount i.e. $200 or $250 and in an year by leading 3 parties every week, you can earn $31,200 to $39,000.

  • This company is one of the nation’s leading and fastest-growing woman-to-woman direct sellers of intimacy items.
  • In 2007, the company saw $80+ million retail sales, that was growing at >50% annually.
  • Presently, there are more than 75,000 specially trained or certified independent sales consultants throughout the states of United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • In a day, Pure Romance sells over 12,500 products and more than 200,000 a month, and 3 million a year.
  • The top level consultants of Pure Romance’s makes $500,000 a year, while the average consultant working part-time makes $29,000 a year.

They believe that every woman should have the opportunity to create a life of her dreams. She should also be able to earn the income she deserves.

It is suitable for those who always wanted to

  • do something on their own
  • be a part of a world-renowned brand with loyalty and credibility
  • Get paid for becoming a consultant and promoting their products.
  • Spread the business all over the world by building teams in various places.

About Company

Company Type: Parent

Company Size: 51 to 200

Company Founded: 1990

Company Founders: Patty Brisben

Company Headquarter: Ohio, USA

Company Turnover: $130 million (2014)

Company Website:

Company Services: Adult Products, Beauty Products

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