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Company Details

Kleeneze is a multi-level marketing company and is the original home shopping business operator in the UK. The company started with a small number of distributors involved in door-to-door selling across UK. Today the company have grown with thousands of distributors associated with it across UK and Republic of Ireland. The company was started in Hanham, Bristol, England.




The company was founded by Harry Crook in 1923. Since then the company has completely transformed with thousands of independent distributors associated with it. The journey started in the 1920s where Harry Crook started producing high quality handmade, twisted-in-wire brushes in a Bristol broom cupboard. In the 2010s, Kleeneze celebrates 90 years where a complete setup related to online shopping is in place.

The company provides products catering to homecare and other households that include:

  • Cleaning
  • Kitchen
  • Home
  • Outdoor
  • Health and Beauty
  • Clothing

Kleeneze has a fantastic foundation to develop with their Multi-level marketing product that provides ample opportunities to earn money.

The company works on a fixed compensation model where registered distributor is rewarded with different incentives and benefits:

  1. You will earn 21% of your sales made through Kleeneze catalogues
  2. Volume bonus that works on sponsoring other people into the business opportunities related to Kleeneze.The amount can vary as it depends on the orders placed by teams in every 4 weeks.
  3. Royalty bonus where payment of residual income is subjected to achieving Gold Distributor status.
  4. 24 percent bonus is received that is over and above the sales volume along with the collective sales of the team.
  5. If a member associated with the team receives royalty bonus component, you automatically become eligible to receive 4 percent as additional bonus component.
  6. The money and rewards you make are directly impacted by the large team size.

Some of the interesting points about Kleeneze are:

  • Kleeneze provides training to new sponsors resulting in wealth improvement in the longer run
  • It has a solid support center to give great tips for offline marketing
  • The company helps individuals to make  big money by just sitting at home
  • It provides technical assistance to individuals interested to be a part of this venture

Join Kleeneze, UK’s original home shopping business operator because:

  • The company, Kleeneze provides growth progression for the right individuals looking out to make or earn big money.
  • It even provides an instalment kit for those who are tight in funds which is unique.
  • It is progressing at a rapid pace and this is where the hard working people can take benefit by going the extra mile.

About Company

Company Type: Multi-level marketing

Company Size: 5001-10,000

Company Founded: 1923

Company Founders: Harry Crook

Company Headquarter: Accrington, United Kingdom

Company Website:

Company Services: Beauty Products, Clothing and Accessories, Home care, Kitchenware

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