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Product liability and tesla autopilot crash

Information about home businessesProduct LiabilityProduct liability and tesla autopilot crash

Product liability and tesla autopilot crash

With millions of commodities sold and million others using them, its certain to be some defect, fault occur

and its certain that there had to be the law of product liability.

After all, when an individual purchases a product be it a technological gadget, electronic equipment, a vehicle or even some grocery, reliability issue is associated with it.

However, if the product is not in accordance with the quality and features it should offer and causes injury,

There are strict laws against the manufacturers and suppliers of such products.

This particular aspect comes under the jurisdiction of “Product liability law”.

In legal term product liability refers to the manufacturer or the supplier being held responsible for providing a defective product to the consumer.

This was of significance since, the defective and dangerous products have indeed caused many injuries and fatal accidents for years.

The product liability claims are based on state laws.

However, in case of Tesla fatal autopilot crash, there seems to be a failure with regards to product liability.

With reference to the case, the family of man, Joshua Brown got killed when the Tesla car, was in the autopilot mode.

The autopilot mode in the layman language implies that the car is under the control of machine.

However, in accordance with the manufacturers,

the manual provided with the car reads clearly that there is the need for the driver to keep his hand on the steering wheel all the time even in case of autopilot mode.

With this warning, there seems no case on the car company.

There are some attorneys which think the opposite. Hence, only time will tell what this legal case leads to.