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Top 9 reasons you shouldn’t say NO to home based business

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Top 9 reasons you shouldn’t say NO to home based business

As internet made telecommuting more productive, more and more people are discovering the benefits of running a business from home. This is why, home based businesses are becoming one of the popular form of start-ups. Running a business from your home gives you flexibility and ease, which is otherwise difficult to get. However, working from home demands honest self-discipline to earn longing and substantial benefits.

If you are looking a way out of rat race and willing a healthy and balanced life, home based business is a sure way.  Here are top 9 reasons you shouldn’t say NO to home based business.

  1. Work more, Travel less

Almost every American (on average) spends an hour everyday in travelling between his/her home and office. But when you have office at home, there is no travelling required than just few steps to that extra room where you have set-up your office. This leaves you with extra time for your business.

  1. Flexible operating hours

Being able to work in the midnight or early in the morning is nothing less than a boon for every entrepreneur, especially when there are other important obligations to pursue.  With internet and technology at your side, you can connect and contact your clients anytime. Besides, you can also cater customers from different time zones.

  1. The more you work, the more you earn

Your earning directly proportional to your work performance, hence you do not have to wait for next increment.  Toil hard and long and you make as much money you want to.

  1. More time for family and friends

When you work from home with flexible working hours, you get plenty of time for your family and friends, especially when you have tiny tots to take care.

  1. Less stress

With no juggling between the professional and personal demands, you get less stress. You set your own schedule depending on the need of the hour.

  1. Personal growth opportunities

Running a home based business, makes you to wear different hats. You are the boss; you are the strategist; you have to be the marketing expert and the sales guy. This allows you to have insight and experience of every role turning you more marketable.

  1. Low overhead costs and lesser risk

Home based business can be started without much investment and as you do not have to rent an office space, it will also lower the overhead costs. As home based work involves no travelling you also saves money on fuel and maintenance of your vehicle. This reduction in overhead costs allow you to be extra flexible for price related decisions than your competitors who have take care of those costs.

  1. Test new business ideas

Most of the new startups fail and this failure could be costly, if you have invested money in renting and setting an office. But, there is no such risk when you work from home based office. With home based business, you can test new business ideas by judging its viability prior investing any money in it.

  1. Tax benefits

Running a business from home can give you lucrative tax benefits, provided your situation qualifies the eligibility criteria. You can claim deduction in property tax, mortgage interest, insurance, and utilities.

So the bottom line is, if you are planning to start a home based business, just go for it. This is one of the fastest growing form of business with prolific benefits.