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How LegalShield Helps You Save Money?

Information about home businessesLegalShieldHow LegalShield Helps You Save Money?

How LegalShield Helps You Save Money?

Hiring and retaining an attorney is now affordable. This sentence at first might sound ironic as it has attorney and affordability in one sentence. But, indeed, LegalShield allows you to pay a small subscription amount every month and as a LegalShield member you are able to access a plethora of legal services when the need arises. A subscription fees saves you from paying hefty legal fees and charges when an attorney is hired on ad hoc basis. This translates in great savings in form of attorney hourly charges that you save when the need arises.

LegalShield plans gives you access to experienced lawyers wherein the average experience is of 20+ years. This means that the hourly rate will be somewhere north of $450/hour. Engaging such an attorney for 5 hours would mean:

Rate per hour => $450

Time Engaged => 5 hours

Billed for => 450*5 = $2250

Saving MoneyOn the contrary, with LegalShield plan of $19.95 that covers member, spouse, and any dependant. You get the following:

  • Attorneys with 20+years of experience
  • Free consultation
  • 24*7 assistance
  • Emergency assistance at click of the button
  • IRS Audit Legal Services that including trial assistance
  • Family matters assistance such as Uncontested divorce and adoption
  • Family matters includes succession including living and standard will
  • Assistance in matters related to motor vehicle accidents
  • Vetting of contracts where members are a party to the contract

LegalShield have network of local experienced attorneys and law firms that have experience of local laws and understand the best course of action. All this is possible at by paying as low as $20/month or $240/year.

This means that by paying $239.4/year you get to hire an attorney just a phone call away. Your savings in this when compared to five-hour legal work:

$2250-$239.4 = $2010.6

So it can be safely said that you will save in the north of $2000/year in legal services.

What about services not covered in the plan?

LegalShield offers a flat 25% discount for services that extend beyond the scope of the plan. These include but are not limited to:

  • Lawsuits existing prior to enrollment in LegalShield plan
  • Contested divorce & separation, bankruptcy, child custody
  • Trust preparation
  • Criminal charges filed under DUI and/or DWI, drugs, accidents
  • Tax fraud and evasion charges.

It can be understood that any of the above-mentioned services takes time in pre-trial as well as trial. LegalShield offers a total of 60 hours – 2.5 hours pre-trial and 57.5 hours trial – and anytime above and beyond this is charged at 25% discount.

Money wise this translates into this:

If you are not covered in LegalShield plan then the total time taken for trial and pretrial for a case is 10 hours. An attorney fee is $450/hour. Billed amount is:

$450*10 = $4500

For a LegalShield Plan member, this means that everything is included in $19.95/month plan. This means their savings stand at:

$4500 – $239.4 = $4260.6

In another scenario, if the services were beyond 60 hours. Then the member received 25% discount. If the attorney charges $450/hour and the case was for 10 hours, then bill generated:

$450*10 = $4500

Reducing the discount of flat 25%:

$4500*25/100 = $1125

$4500 – $1125 = $3375

So the member will pay only $3375 thus saving $1125.

These are some back of the envelope numbers that would help you understand the overall savings that any LegalShield member makes in legal costs.


Apart from this, LegalShield members are also privy to various discounts from leading brands across US and Canada, resulting in further savings. A family that spends approximately $12000 a year on food, clothes, and entertainment will save around $9388.8 in the first year due to various exclusive partner offers.