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What is Youngevity?

What is Youngevity?

Youngevity is a company that was established by Dr. Joel Wallach. This was in 1997. It is a multi-level marketing organization. It deals in the manufacturing and distribution of health supplements and other similar products.

Youngevity products include personal care and beauty, sports drinks and a host of other items. They are also involved in garden and home products.

Youngevity consists of two parts. Similarly to all companies engaged in multi-level marketing, it consists of products and opportunities. There are over 30 brands listed on the website which you can find under 18 sections. Asides from their core products, you have access to a host products you can sell.

The products are usually not the primary opportunity in MLM companies. But separating the two can be difficult. Getting successful as a distributor is dependent on providing excellent quality product at prices individuals can afford to pay.

How does Youngevity work?

Youngevity functions similarly to other MLMs. You make cash by purchasing products at a discount rate offered to members and sell them as a distributor. You can also earn some money by establishing a group of distributions who work under you and earning bonuses and commissions whenever they make sales.

To begin, you will need to purchase the welcome pack. This costs $25. It does not consist of products. But there are extra start-up packages which fall between $115 for the basic package and as much as $500 for either the Anti-aging, Weight Loss, Healthy Start or CEO Mega Paks package.

Earning from Youngevity

The opportunity page on the official website of the company outlines briefly how you can make cash from this program and what you get when you first sign up.

Let’s take a brief look at it below:

  • First, when you show your interest in becoming a part of Youngevity, you need to reach out to the individual who directed you to the organization for additional instructions. All incoming members begin as Associates which is a rank that will let the make purchases from the whole collection of wellness products offered by Youngevity.
  • You can take a look at the compensation plan of the company on the website to know the exact amount you will be required to sell on a monthly basis to go further in the ranks.
  • Next, begin establishing your Virtual office. Members of Youngevity are provided with an Associate ID which they can utilize in setting up a virtual back office that can be utilized in showcasing their products.
  • Next, make orders and begin selling your products. You get access to an Autoship feature that ships your in-demand products every month.
  • Bring in new members to become Associates or IMDs or Associates. This is where the MLM aspect of the business comes into play. The higher the amount of individuals associates bring into the scheme, the more they can earn. As the rank of a member increases, the compensation for each referral also rises.

Compensation Plan of Youngevity

Similar to lots of MLM’s, the compensation plan offered by Youngevity shows a complicated matrix of commission bonuses and levels.

The payout percentage is dependent on your rank. This ranges from numerous associate level to tier levels which are star rated. This falls from star 1 to 5. After these, you can move to the Ambassador status which begins at Emerald to Ruby, then Diamond and lastly Black Diamond.

Similarly just like other network marketing companies, there are trip bonuses and dream car bonuses. Giveaways are also included. These are all an aspect of the lifestyle sales strategy.

There are over 10 methods of getting payment from Youngevity. Some of these include:

  • Retail sales profits,
  • 8-level residual bonus,
  • Car bonus and dream car giveaway,
  • TAC dream vacations,
  • Infinity bonus,
  • Coding bonus,
  • 30% quick start bonus,
  • Global revenue pool,
  • Monthly free products,
  • CEO events and training, diamond trips, lifestyle bonuses, and leader recognition blazers.

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Is Youngevity real?

Yes, Youngevity is as real as they come and it is not a scam. At this level, MLMs are large organizations. They are accountable to lots of individuals and to remain in operation, they must work following the law.

Although they are not a scam legally speaking, they are pyramid structured and are considered a fraud by many individuals because of this structure. But they are not.

What are Others Saying about it on the internet?

Understandably, there are numerous websites with the sole purpose of debunking the health claims offered by the distributors in Youngevity.

Few individuals even noted that the company founder, Dr. Wallack is not a doctor of medicine but instead a doctor of naturopathy which is a specialization that majority of the medical doctors and scientists have agreed to be mere fake.

If you search for Youngevity, you will also see complaints from individuals who don’t like the high price of the product.

Benefits of Youngevity

  • There is a huge collection of products available. This means you can specialize in numerous aspects and locate niches with lower competition to work with.
  • There is support available if you request for


  • It’s an MLM company and success is based on your set of skills, personalities, and circumstances. It is not guaranteed, and that is why lots of individuals fail
  • The prices are not precisely competitive

Wrap up

Now if you’re an extrovert and you love sales and doing what is needed to be successful is naturally in you, then Youngevity is worth having a look into.

However if you do not fancy recruiting or selling, then its best to check out another online business if you are in search of passive income.