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Company Details

LegalShield was originally founded in August 8 1972. In starting it named as Sportsman’s Motor club by its founder Harland C. Stonecipher of Ada Oklahoma.

It was incorporated in 1976 as Pre Paid legal services, Inc. and opened its IPO in 1984 on NASDAQ.

Utilizing multilevel marketing and network marketing Prepaid legal was again renamed as LegalShield when it was acquired by MidOcean partners in 2011.


LegalShield services are based on business to business channel. Its services include development and marketing of prepaid legal services or legal protection insurance.

LegalShield have a wide network of attorneys and legal firms that provide legal protection to LegalShield members.

Recently LegalShield Partnered with Kroll Inc providing Identity Theft protection services.

You can join LegalShield as Independent Associate and tap the potential of business idea its offering.

As an Independent associate you sell LegalShield powerful product i.e. Affordable Legal Services for everyone.

There are many options to earn.

You can make a percentage on each membership you sell. The more you sell the more you earn and move to upper levels.

legalshield plan1


You can build teams, move to director level or even to senior director level.

legalshield plan2

  • LegalShield currently protect more than 3.5 million people
  • More than 1900 attorneys are employed by law firms providing LegalShield
  • LegalShield have 5 different Rings recognizing the levels of six figure earners starting from $100,000 to $10,000,000. See here
  • More than 34,000 companies offer LegalShield benefits to there employees.


Joining LegalShield have its own rewards. We found following reasons to join LegalShield:

  • If you heard a lot of criticism about the MLM business and have dilemma over your success then LegalShield can be a good option to join due to its unique services. Its not selling something that people need on daily basis, but its selling something that people can’t ignore.
  • It is apparent that legal help is expensive and LegalShield provide it at very affordable price. Although its not for every legal issue but its certainly good for many legal concerns you counter in day to day life.
  • Since Legal help is required by everyone that means you have lots of chances to grow your LegalShield business as an associate.
  • You don’t need to actively go out and force people to join it because everyone know how important legal help is. You give them the information and most of the time people come back to you.


About Company

Company Type: Multi level marketing company

Company Size: 813 employees

Company Founded: 1972

Company Founders: Harland Stonecipher

Company Turnover: $461 million

Company Website:

Company Services: Legal Services

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